Founder & Managing Partner, Facultas-Risk Consulting Inc.

Hind Abdo

Overview of Hind's professional bio

As the founder of Facultas-Risk Consulting Inc. and a leading Sustainability & Risk Management Consultant in Canada, I bring a wealth of experience in finance, specializing in credit and investment analysis, risk management, and a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment. My journey in the field of sustainable finance is marked by a deep dedication to integrating financial robustness with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

My career began with a focus on credit and loans analysis, where I gained deep insights into the financial and operational dynamics of SMEs and large corporates alike. This expertise is pivotal in my role as an Sustainability and Risk Management Consultant, enabling me to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges and opportunities within the Canadian SME sector. Progressing into risk analysis for a major institutional investor, I refined my acumen in evaluating investment risks associated with both publicly-traded and privately-held entities across a spectrum of sectors, investee companies and funds.

My professional path is further distinguished by significant exposure to the regulatory aspects of Canadian Banking, an area critical to understanding and navigating the complexities of Risk Management and Sustainable Finance in Canada.

Academically, I bring a diverse educational background to my consultancy practice. I hold a Business degree with a specialization in Finance, an MBA. Additionally, I have earned multiple risk management and sustainable investing designations, including the ESG Investing Certificate (by the CFA Institute), the Sustainability & Climate Risk (SCR) certification from GARP, as well as holding the CFA charterholder designation and the FRM (GARP) and PRM (PRMIA) risk management designations. This unique blend of finance, business management and specialized credentials in risk management and ESG Investing underpins my holistic approach to ESG sustainability, enabling me to address both the economic and environmental aspects of sustainability practices comprehensively.

At Facultas-Risk Consulting Inc., I leverage my extensive experience to guide Canadian financial institutions and SMEs through the intricacies of ESG, Risk Management and Sustainable Finance. My mission as an ESG Sustainability Consultant is not just to help clients comply with sustainability standards but to empower them to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future in Canada.